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Record Store Day! | April 2018

Good morning!

So much to tell you! Very excited to announce that in celebration of Record Store Day, we'll be performing The Uncanny live, semi-acoustic style at HiFi Records in Astoria! Come by Saturday April 21 for great live performances, new limited edition RR merch, snacks and of course - records! We are thrilled to be supporting our local vinyl slingers and music community - we play at 3pm!

But first - this Wednesday April 11th I'm hosting Ruby Rae + Friends Songwriter Nite at Freddy's Bar featuring talented friends; Bucky Hayes and Supersmall! Can't wait to hear them! We'll be performing in a casual round robin style - music starts at 8:30.

Later this month on April 26th, returning solo to Rar bar in Astoria with Supersmall - it's a really great cozy spot and I'll be playing some new tunes for you!

As always ​feel free to ​check out our website​, become a member of our fan club,​ sneak peek the new limited edition Uncanny t-shirts in the shop + email me to say hello or with questions - I love to hear from you! Thank you so much for your support.

xx RR + co.


Ruby Rae + Friends at Freddy's!

Wednesday, Apr 11 @ 8pm

Every 2nd Wednesday in 2018

627 5th Ave | Brooklyn, NY

Ruby Rae Solo // Supersmall // Bucky Hayes

Record Store Day!

Saturday, Apr 21 @ 3pm

23-19 Steinway St | Astoria, NY

Ruby Rae + Full Band - Performing The Uncanny Live!

Thursday, Apr 26 @ 9pm

30-01 35th Ave | Long Island City, NY

Ruby Rae Solo // ​Supersmall​


Record Shops Carrying Ruby Rae Vinyl

Brooklyn NY: Human Head, REBEL ROUSER, + Black Gold Records

Queens NY: HiFi Records & Cafe

New Paltz NY: Jack's Rhythms + Rhino Records

Poughkeepsie NY: Darkside Records

Dallas TX: Good Records

Denton TX: Recycled Books Mad World Records

Norwell MA: Inclusion Records

"Paul Feig (Freaks & Geeks, Ghostbusters) - "The great Ruby Rae playing for the crowd before the screening of Ghostbusters: ATC! She is amazing."

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