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April | Pause


Wow. Hi.

When I imagined 2020 as a kid, or even a few months ago, it had a very different shape. In my head it was futuristic and fun, inventive, yet flawed, shiny and exciting. I had silver hovercraft optimistic expectations of how things might go, based on how life has operated in the past.

Boy was I wrong.

Well, since I wrote to you in January, life as we know it has changed. A tornado hit my neighborhood on March 3rd, taking out power and water and completely destroying houses a few blocks away. We had a couple huge trees hit the house and it took a week to get things back to normal.

Two days after we got power back, coronavirus became a serious concern, enough for the show in Nashville on March 14th and in NYC on April 18th to be postponed indefinitely. Essentially I have been in my house since March 13th, and life has been so bizarre.

Everything is ok on a basic level; I have remote work and groceries, and I'm so grateful the house was not too damaged by the storm. My family and friends are safe. I'm in awe of the essential and frontline workers who are dedicated to getting back power, keeping us healthy and safe, feeding us.

But what I keep thinking about is that there's no way of knowing when things will get back to "normal" for any of us, or even what "normal" will look like in the next year.

So I've been trying to look at this experience as an opportunity to rest, learn, and grow. For those of us who are not essential workers, it's a temporary breather, an intermission.

Surprisingly, this pause has allowed for some additional time and space to work on the new record and make some progress in production. It's not done yet, but we're getting closer. Thank you for your patience!

In other progress news, this time has moved me towards playing online shows, which has been strangely wonderful yet terrifying. I've started playing live on instagram every Saturday at 5pm EST. It's an hour to hold some musical space and hang out in real time with people everywhere. Come hang out if you can!

Ruby Rae Live at Five

Saturdays at 5pm EST Instagram: Rubyraemusic

As always, feel free to reach out to me, I love hearing from you. If you wanna follow me on spotify, or check out the bandcamp, that would be brilliant! Do you have a request or something you want me to check out? Let's all support each other during this weird time. Sending you lots of love and hope to see you (in real life) soon.

xx RR + co.

Saturdays Live at Five (with Jeeves)

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