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Ruby Rae Sings A Song Of Redemption In “Desperate Things”

"The single, "Desperate Things," warmly opens with a lush country-folk instrumental with a dash of dark alternative and rockabilly swagger. Ruby Rae's chilling and distinct vocals melt through our speakers with incredibly emotional lyrics about facing heartbreak dead in the face and finding outlets to cope with the pain. 

The subtle country twang paired with the bouncy bass licks and steady percussion bring a state of balance to the listener's ears, and Ruby Rae tips the scales in her favor with the sweetest melodies and her introspective lyrics. Ruby Rae's display of such personal and vulnerable emotions is effortless; she has no problem inviting the listener to experience her relatable trials and tribulations." - BUZZ MUSIC



Paul Feig (Freaks & Geeks, Ghostbusters) - " The great Ruby Rae playing for the crowd before the screening of Ghostbusters: ATC! She is amazing."

"When listening to True Crime in full, you understand why Ruby Rae is proud of what she has created. Throughout each release, she has continued to fine-tune the quality of her lyrics (which were already impressive). She has continued to push her songwriting boundaries and even tried new things with her sound. As a result, the new album has depth and soul, both with its soundtrack and stunning storytelling qualities. Just press play and let this songstress take you on a journey with her music.

- Indie Band Guru

Dig Boston says - “Ruby Rae is, technically, explosive.”

"The throwback honkytonk tunes of Ruby Rae [are] darker than your usual singer-songwriter fare, with noir-ish and Southern gothic influenced lyrics" - Washington Post


"Wonderfully creepy" - Berkeley Place 

"With a bit of a Tarrantino meets spaghetti western vibe to her, Ruby Rae is a Rock Chick to keep your ears open for" - The Falcon's Nest

"We thought a devilish little video might be just what you need to heat up your new year. For the video, Brooklyn gal Ruby Rae rented a 1964 Dodge and hired an ubercreepy, but talented guitar player as Ol’ Scratch himself. The singer-songwriter cites everyone from Nick Cave to Wanda Jackson as influences and is the purveyor of fine indie-twang noir.  Her brand of underbelly sonic exploration is right up our alley"

- The Donkey Jaw

"Ruby Rae’s hard slamming fits and voodoo energy put a spell on the tiny and cramped stage, and opened it up. They made the scene feel expansive. Not like a bare and open plain, but the intimacy of a meeting in the woods where the wild is confined only by the outlying wilds. Such is the dark magic of good rock’n’roll in the tiny pockets of New York City." - The Road Southern


Indie Band Guru


Buzz Music

Ruby Rae Sings A Song Of Redemption In “Desperate Things”

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