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1. When You Gonna Bring Me Love?

2. Queen of Wands

3. Desperate Things

4. Break So Easy

5. Natural Life

6. Beehive

7. True Crime

8. Tied To The Track

9. Venus or Aphrodite

10. Lonesome Sugar

11. The Breakers


Ruby Rae - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Lawson White - backing vocals, bass, guitar, baritone guitar, electric sitar, pedal steel, 
drums, percussion, keyboards, string arrangements
all other instruments


Recorded at Good Child Music in Brooklyn & Nashville

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Lawson White

Mastered by Matthew Agoglia at The Ranch


All Music & Lyrics by Ruby Rae except:

"The Breakers" addl music by Lawson White

"Break So Easy" addl lyrics by Sarah Sweeney

"Venus or Aphrodite" addl lyrics and music by Lawson White

"Queen of Wands" addl lyrics and music by Lawson White + Russell Howard


Art Design by Katherine Hardy

Published by Voodoo Queen Music + Good Child Music

Ruby Rae Records

All Rights Reserved 2022

Big thanks to Lawson White for producing & mixing this album, for playing all the things, for the countless hours of work, for your creative insight and vision; you made a gorgeous atmosphere + world for these songs to live in!

Thank you Katherine Hardy for the brilliant art design! You manifest beauty and music into visual mediums in the coolest of ways!

Thank you Matthew Agoglia for pristine mastering, Jessi Robertson for the beautiful videos and mentorship, Lawson, Russell Howard & Sarah Sweeney for writing with me, Miciah Hussey for your gorgeous words, Colin, Ed, Tyler, MEJ, Olivia, Joy, Thom and Ale, my friends and family, my mom & Bob, Pete, the kickstarters for all of your support and patience! Special thanks to James and Jeeves.
This record is dedicated to anyone who has lived a true story stranger than fiction.

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