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C'mon Everybody! | Fall 2017

Good morning!

I'm excited to announce our upcoming show at C'mon Everybody with our talented friends Adios Ghost and Sara Curtin Five - in support of her record release! If you haven't checked her out, you can't miss this show - be sure to get your tickets now! Tickets available here.

Currently working on new music, so if you like what we do + want to hear more, check out our new Ruby Rae Fan Club subscription on Bandcamp - I'll be sharing demos for new projects there first! More info coming soon.

As always check out our website + email me to say hello or with questions - I love to hear from you!

xx RR + co.


Friday, October 6th at 9pm

C'mon Everybody!

325 Franklin Ave | Brooklyn, NY

Ruby Rae // Adios Ghost // Sara Curtin Five (Record Release Party!)

​Record Shops Carrying Ruby Rae Vinyl

  • Brooklyn NY: Gowanus Souvenir Shop, Human Head, REBEL ROUSER, + Black Gold Records

  • Queens NY: HiFi Records & Cafe

  • New Paltz NY: Jack's Rhythms + Rhino Records

  • Poughkeepsie NY: Darkside Records

  • Dallas TX: Good Records

  • Denton TX: Recycled Books Mad World Records

  • Norwell MA: Inclusion Records

U​nwinnable Says:

"From the haunting opening track “Last Night I Was A Virgin,” to the dance rock pop of “Magnetic Joy,” to the shimmering dreamy outro of “Three Sirens,” the album reveals a singer-songwriter and her band pushing into uncharted waters, with only rich harmonies and finely crafted production to bring their ship ashore on the other side."

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