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Good Times | March 2017

GOOD MORNING! Thank you so much for all your support so far this year! We had so much fun playing Dallas & Fort Worth, it's taken us this long to sober up and back to business. Thank you to Good Records, The Good Show, the Crown & Harp, and Doc's Records and Vintage for having us - and to everyone in the Dallas & Fort Worth area who came out to hear us play! Can't wait to come back soon.

Exciting news - you can now join the Ruby Rae Fan Club! It's a subscriber series on Bandcamp that gives us the opportunity to send you our entire back catalog, 15% off merch and anything new we release as it comes out! I'm pretty psyched about it! In addition to digital copies of old + new music, there are some exclusive songs available. You can also opt in for the higher tier to get the 7" Hedy Lamarr single (plus future singles), a RR totebag, and more VIP stuff. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions! You can always reach me at here.

I'll be playing some solo shows this Spring - starting with tonight at the Four-Faced Liar at 8pm and stay tuned for more great full band shows coming this Summer! The Tour page is updated all the time with the latest and greatest.

xx RR

​Record Shops Carrying Ruby Rae Vinyl

Brooklyn NY: Gowanus Souvenir Shop, Human Head, REBEL ROUSER, + Black Gold Records

Queens NY: HiFi Records & Cafe

New Paltz NY: Jack's Rhythms + Rhino Records

Poughkeepsie NY: Darkside Records

Dallas TX: Good Records

Denton TX: Recycled Books Mad World Records

Norwell MA: Inclusion Records

U​nwinnable Says:

"From the haunting opening track “Last Night I Was A Virgin,” to the dance rock pop of “Magnetic Joy,” to the shimmering dreamy outro of “Three Sirens,” the album reveals a singer-songwriter and her band pushing into uncharted waters, with only rich harmonies and finely crafted production to bring their ship ashore on the other side."

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