Songwriter Retreat

Pappy + Harriet's

Songwriting Retreat


Sun Records

by Rose Callahan

Sound by James

Songwriting Retreat

Songwriter Retreat



Excited for Thursday night! Going live w

See ya tomorrow on Instagram! xx RR 


A few people asked me about t-shirts, so

Thursday! Ruby Rae & Friends with my pal

Tomorrow was supposed to be a spring sho

Thank you to everyone who came to the li


Going live tonight at 8pm/7pm central -


Playing live today on Facebook at 5pm ES

Working on a new song for #fawm! #saturd

Can’t wait! ❤️@maryelainejenkins ・・・

Very excited to play this show next mont

I ❤️ you_. .

Super quick trip to NYC ❤️ Taking a brea

Peter Pan morning with MEJ 💕#rubyraemus

Nashville Sunset

Loved singing with these ladies on _jess

Singing some bvox for Jenner Fox’s new r

Coqui Coqui Coba 📸_ _loosegringa

#fbf Psychedelic surfy songs for swamp t

Loving this new friend, epiphone masterb

This is Colin, and in addition to being


Hello!! Playing _rockwoodmusichall #3 Tu

Thank you to fab friends Amy & Olivia fo

✨#fall #squadgourds

Can’t wait for this one at _lightclublam

Thrilled to be on _girlgangmusic’s Octob

Can’t wait to play _lightclublampshop Oc

 music starts at 8 xx RR See y

Thank you Brooklyn! I love you

11 we’re playing 6-9 at _thelotatphoenic

Playing private house show with the best

Summer Sunday 🕶🍦🕶

Meet me at the candy shop - Sunday, Augu

Can I talk about how much I love this ph

#tbt to playing pop punk with _fallon00

6 at _cabernetfranks in the Western Cats

Thank you Catskills!! We had a blast! Se

The Uncanny was released three years ago

Playing tonight at Cab Frank’s in Parksv

Hey!!!! Ruby Rae & Friends is back at Fr

Saddle up! Playing a full band set next

Elizabeth Cook sunset rooftop show! So b

Playing Hank’s Saloon this Friday, May 3

Tomorrow we ride at _hankssaloon!! Playi

Listening Station 💚 #vinylrecords #list

Ruby Rae ❤️ Hank’s 📸_ _vermilionink

We had such a blast playing today for Re

Can’t wait! Will be playing Record Store

Playing Pete’s Candy Store today at 3_30

Hi! Wondering if we’ll hit the 50% point

So glad we got to play for MyMusicRX tod

Good morning! #sxsw #coffee

Tomorrow is the last day pledgers ($20+)

Great photo from last night at Freddy’s!


Good morning! Ruby Rae & Friends is toni

Project Update #3 is posted! It’s all ab

Love this one of sound check at _hankssa

Thanks Hanks!! What a serious thrill to

Last night was magical - thank you Catsk

Woweee!! We just hit 20%! Thanks to ever

Playing new songs on the Grateful Dead s

♥️ 📷 by _tristame_music

Merch case looking good!! 😍 _See you so

Hi! Big news! I’m working on a new recor

RR & Friends is back!! Tonight at _fredd

Thanks so much for hosting us _oliviaand

Next week! Playing this dreamboat bill a

2008 Troutman Party with The Ex-Debutant

Saturday Night!!! Playing new songs in B

Good morning! It’s still a new year! Rub


Harmony Meteor 💫😍

Merry Christmas from Ruby Rae & Associat

Photo from video session at the epic  #A

On the way home, still buzzing from the

The last day at dawn in Akumal Mexico, s

So excited for this one, Wed Nov 14th_ R

Playing with some local musicians - I’ll

 Bucky H

Dancer during my set at Opening Ceremoni

I had the opportunity to play songs from

Looking forward to playing songs for you

Flowers from Queen’s Farm

🖤#repost from _goodchildmusic ・・・_Shots

akumal poster

Red Rose Motel

Will I see you tonight at RR & Friends S

Hot town summer in the city + we play Th



Dreamy photo from the show at _hankssalo

Blood moon hair monster xx 📷_ _kardyolo

The Bitter End! _edcoleman78 _tylerktyle

Tuning before playing a few songs at a p

The most amazing birthday cake by _elfec

You’ve got 38 days to plan your outfit

Nice day for a drive-in #rubyraetheuncanny #rubyraemusic #tribecadrivein #voodooqueenmusic #princess

Playing some songs tonight at _hankssalo

Flashback to Freddy’s _Thx for the photo _instaschon 🖤_#freddysbar #americana #rubyraeandfriends #n

Tonight!! Ruby Rae & Friends at Freddy’s! Come hang! If you wanna bring a new song to share - come o

Hot town summer in the city + we play The Bitter End Friday night! You should come too xx RR _Poster

Hold me closer tiny dancers at #tribecadrivein 😍 _#rubyraetheuncanny #voodooqueenmusic #rubyraemusi

Say ahoy to summer with The Uncanny Siren Shirt! Available at RR shows (july 20 at _thebitterendnyc)

I love a good story song, don’t you_ Stories are deeply embedded in the bones of Ruby Rae music

Super fun record store day at _hifirecordsastoria! Thanks Javi! 😎 #recordstoreday2018 #repost #ruby

Story time! A special story song edition of Ruby Rae + Friends Wed May 9! Music starts _freddysbrkly

 Supersmall _ Songwriters Round Robin Style! plus dr

Bowie with these babes ♥️

Playing some tunes next Monday night June 4th at _the_liar_at_west4th with some stellar folks _ 8pm

Playing _freddysbrklyn with these fine fellows Wed Apr 11th! Music starts at 8_30pm!! We love you so

Record store day! Come hear The Uncanny live! Ruby Rae at 3pm _ Photo_ Rose Callahan_ Repost _hifire

Badges!!! By _kardyology available at tonight’s show _hankssaloon and online soon!!! xx RR #rubyraet

Test Pressings for _The Uncanny_ #rubyraetheuncanny #voodooqueenmusic #rocknroll #vinyl #vinylrecord

Acoustic roof show sunset _momentdesign ❤️

Playing tonight with these handsome gents at Cabernet Franks at 8pm! #rubyraemusic #rubyraetheuncann

Friday afternoon tea-time in NYC - thanks for the bright reds _knightinshining_blonder _#rubyraemusi

LA Wandering #rubyraetheuncanny #losangeles #rubyraemusic #downtown #dinerstyle

#preshow #bathroomselfie #hankssaloon #rubyraetheuncanny

Love the pulp bathroom at RaR bar #sultry #drifter #rubyraetheuncanny #voodooqueenmusic #rubyraemusi

by Rose Callahan

Ace of Pentacles _ make fresh new spring things #cardoftheday #songwriting

Thanks Hanks ♥️

Excited to be playing #recordstoreday! More details coming soon for April 21

 black for protection) 💕 #di

Stunning art by the equally bright and toasty _kardyology - so good! This tiger needs its own book!

March 2_ Electric Boogaloo at _pineboxrockshop with my dream bill of _slolivia + _maryelainejenkins

Thank you so much for coming out to Freddy’s last night everyone!! Thanks _maryelainejenkins _lawson

Thanks for coming out tonight Parksville and Catskills! Great night at _cabernetfranks _ photo by _s

 The Bitter Poet!! #rubyraetheuncanny #voodooque

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2017 was a year for big hair + rock’n’roll!! The biggest thrill was opening up for

Practice in the jungle #rubyraemusic #rubyraetheuncanny #alvarezguitars #mexico

Happy Thanksgiving to all my yams!! Today at _petescandystore kicking off the week right with some s

Supersmall playing new tunes at Perks and Corks! #superrubytour2017 #newengland #perksandcorks #supe

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Pine Box Rock Shop!! We heart you! Thanks to Mary-Elai

Thanks! We're big fans! #Repost _paulfeig ・・・_The great Ruby Rae playing for the crowd before the sc

Last day_ well earned lobster shack reward before heading home- thanks for everyone who came out and

This pretty much sums up the best night ever _edcoleman78 #ghostbusters #rubyraemusic #rocknroll #vo

Lovin the lanyards at the Roscoe Singer Songwriter Festival ._._

The mesmerizing _maryelainejenkins from Friday's show at _pineboxrockshop - can't wait for her new r

Cookie promises coming true #pledgemusicfulfillment #voodooqueenmusic #rubyraetheuncanny #cookies #d

Tuesday night practice with the band in the basement #rubyrae2017 #dungeon #intense #rubyraetheuncan

It's a sultry nite for #rocknroll! We play _pineboxrockshop with _maryelainejenkins and _aliceandthe

_erikaejoao serenade the sun ._._._._

Playing music with these guys is a real chore... psych! ._._._


#Repost _marisaruglio ・・・_Ruby Rae and Supersmall bring rain and indie rock to #prohibitiondistiller


Listening to 60s rock on a screened porch #summertime

Psych 101 🔮 #Repost _marisaruglio ・・・_Too cool for school

Excited to play the _phoeniciadiner Aug 19th _ 7pm with my pal Supersmall! Hopefully it will be less

Thank you Phoenicia Diner!we had a great time playing and love your new outdoor spot - will be back!

See you Saturday night _phoeniciadiner! Music sets by yours truly and _colinpdempsey starting at 7!

Hey! I'm in the Sullivan Democrat paper today in the piece on the Roscoe Singer Songwriter Festival

Thanks for having us _tribeca! We had a blast playing for you + what a thrill to meet the seriously

#tbt to a #goth selfie at Roscoe Fest! Headed up to Roscoe NY again this Saturday to play _prohibiti

Thursday night! Full band plays _hankssaloon at 9pm sharp! Come hang!! xx RR 🔥💋🎈#newsongs #brookl

Singing at one of my new favorite venues, _prohibition_distillery! Thanks for the photo _marisarugli

Thanks for coming out to Pete's last night, we had a great time and I'm glad you made me play the ne

Aw shoot


Crazy laugh photo from _thalith from _hankssaloon! ・・・_Ruby Rae from Thursday's show at Hank's Saloo

Tonight!! _goodrecords at 7pm, followed by crown + harp at 10 xoxo #dallas #records #goodrecords #cr

Big Tomato Heart

Staying at Rip Van Winkle in _Windswept

Checking out the Radio Bean pre-show - we play around 8! #burlingtonvt #rubyraemusic #supersmall #su

Day 1_ Catskill NY at Magpie Bookshop - lovely space and crowd! Photos by _magpiebookshop #voodooque

Next week! Poster by _kardyology #supersmall #rubyraemusic #voodooqueenmusic #summer17 #ontheroad #r


Playing with some killer folks Thursday - May 18th _strongplace_eatanddrink!! Come celebrate your se

a thing of beauty #repost from _gowanussouvenirshop ・・・_Loving this gorgeous 45 by _ruby_rae on our

😍 #Repost _cratediggersdallas ・・・__ruby_rae rocked _goodrecords last Friday.jpg More pics added to

Thanks NYC! I heart you

You guys we are the pick of the week! #repost from hifirecords ❤❤❤ thank you _hifirecordsastoria! Ar

Pointy #Dallas

Playing tonight with the full band at The Bitter End in NYC on Bleecker street, we play at 10pm! Com

Longhorn #airbnb #dallas

Yes!! Happy you received your beautiful records - repost _kardyology xx RR #rubyraetheuncanny #handd

Chris Welch & The Cicada Killers rocked it, they play southern soul

Fresho Electro Radio

Coffee #dallas #tile

Thanks Dallas! You are awesome! Today we head to Fort Worth for some radio and records at #KTCU and

Boss Lady #feminism #roundup

Innocence #fortworth #fountains #tour #bands

Post Good Show Whataburger #fortworth #tour #bands #rubyraetheuncanny #ktcu #radio #whataburger #the

Pre-show joking with Tom from The Good Show, thanks for having us!! Next up at 5pm #docsrecordsandvi

🙃 #Repost _angbocca ・・・_Snug as a rug _ruby_rae  #brooklyn #freddysbar #voodooqueenmusic #rubyraeth

yr subscription to instantly receive our new music + videos FIRST, before anybody else

Parking the car + listening to Heart _ happy Friday everyone! Avoid those sanitation peeps! ._._._._

Totally blushing, thx Freddys! #Repost _freddysbrklyn ・・・_Once we saw this #gif we knew _ruby_rae wa

Phoenicia Diner #dinerspecial #roadtrip #catskills

Dallas, we're coming for you! Jan 20th 2017_ Good Records at 7pm, Crown and Harp at 10pm! Poster Peg

#tbt last week's wonderful show at strong place with _vanessa_peters! Photo by _colinpdempsey ._._

Playing tonight as part of NYSolo6 at The Four-Faced Liar! Music starts at 8pm xx RR #rubyraetheunca

Happy New Year!! See you at The Bitter End Jan 13th! #bestnine2016 #2017


Dreamy pic from a great show at #thebitterend, thanks _fallon00 & everyone who came out! XX ・・・_Ruby

Our pretty merch table! Look at all those Ruby Rae wares! Thanks _jerbearunderwater + _kardyology _h


Decisions, decisions.jpg.jpg

Dallas, we're coming for you! Jan 20th 2017_ Good Records at 7pm, Crown and Harp at 10pm! Poster Peg


#Repost _hankssaloon with _repostapp_・・・_Love _ruby_rae #rubyraetheuncanny #rubyraeontour

#Repost _handdrawnrecords ・・・_Labor Day Listening #vinyl #vinylrecords #supportlocal #handdrawnpress

Cute pic by _saidsongs from last night's show at The Galaxy Hut, thanks! ・・・_Really glad I dragged m


From _handdrawnrecords FRESH VINYL_ Ruby Rae's new LP & EP combo was a standout project to work on;

The wonderful _colinpdempsey & #supersmall at _rockwoodmusichall !!

Wednesday 🌟✨💫 #hedylamarr

Another great shot from the release party on Friday! ❤️ repost by _marisaruglio #recordreleaseparty

In the green room at #rockwoodmusichall - we play room 2 at 8 sharp #rubyraetheuncanny #voodooqueenm

_Bright Red Dirty Beating Heart_ didn't make onto the album but here is the best part of the song fr

 Chris Atwood

From yesterday's gig at _ssartcenter with a tiny new fan! Playing in-store tonight at _inclusionreco

Played one of my favorite shows ever tonight, a live in-store at _inclusionrecords, thanks for havin

Thanks to everyone who came to Rockwood last night!! It was fantastic to see all of you and to celeb

Another one from last night's show at Inclusion Records _ repost by _sonny_crockett ・・・_What a great

Big summer flower hair #pompadour

_schlooooo models the new bag! #candid #topmodel #rubyraetheuncanny #totes

#Repost _ebrendan with _repostapp.jpg_・・・__ruby_rae show on the _momentdesign roof deck

💄🌺☕️🚬💋❤️ By _kardyology

Don't mean to be a broken record, but the record release party is coming up! Don't miss the boat! Po

Working hard to send out the first batch of pledge gifts, and really grateful for everyone who helpe

#Repost _miabohleman with _repostapp 😍_・・・_new fav shirt. fav most talented friend

Lovely _slolivia at Freddy's! 💕

Great moonlit pic by _instaschon at last night's show! Thanks Jess! #Repost _instaschon with _repost

#tbt RR Double Knives Shirt spotted on this bonita chica on the dunes! Photo by _jdclift12 #rubyraet

ITS ALIVE!!!! Just received The Uncanny on CD - so thrilled and proud and grateful for this little g

Thanks _socialstudystore + _babymarfy! #repost with _repostapp. #rubyraetheuncanny #losangeles

Wall of #accordions!

#latergram _o4e models the new Double Knives T-Shirt now in the store! #rubyraetheuncanny #tshirts #

#tbt _lmo634 looking fabulous and working it in her Ruby Rae #voodooqueen t-shirt! Thanks Lauren! xo

Introducing, the cover art for the new Ruby Rae record _The Uncanny_ by _kardyology!! #sirens #theun

#recording #rubyraetheuncanny #theuncannysessions

20 days left to pledge!!! Woooo!! Link in my bio! #pledgemusic #pledgemania #rocknroll #practicemake

Taking a break with O-town #theuncannysessions #rubyraetheuncanny

Bass town #rubyraetheuncanny #theuncannysessions

25 with full band! Photo by Jon Hildenstein #blues #rubyraetheuncanny #solo #rocknroll #bluevelvet

Repost by the Akumal International Art Residency from the final show!  #akumalartresidency2015 #akum

Great show last night at The World Cafe Live! Thanks to everyone for your support, especially Kevin

Fell in love with a tree today - new songwriting spot #akumal #akumalartresidency2015

Starry lights from last night's show at Hank's Saloon

Gorgeous posters by _kardyology for the Voodoo Queen EP release party last August! Brand new album a

by Katherine Hardy

Photo by Paul Sancheznavarro from today's show xo #akumalartresidency2015

Surfs up! First visit to Mavericks, where we are planning on recording in a month! xx Rr #recording

See you at Rockwood Music Hall, Saturday May 9th at 10pm! So excited for this show 😍 xx RR poster b

by Katherine Hardy

Tyler, doing something #rubyraetheuncanny #sundayvibes #drums #rocknroll #practicemakesperfect

Recording with _edcoleman78 & _tylerktyler this week! 🎶 #newrecord #theuncannysessions #rubyraetheu

Earlier this week, headed upstate to record vocals and guitar #latergram #theuncannysessions #newrec

Playing brand new songs tonight at #strongplace! Come by at 8, I go on at 8_30pm xx #rocknroll #acou

New lucky merch case from _tocanycstore_tocanyc! I'm in love 💕 #rocknroll #merch #rubyraetheuncanny

The suspense is killing me! Also, completely slayed and humbled by the generosity and support of fri

Repost from _zanzag ! New songs at last night's fabulous final residency show xx RR #akumal #hearts

Happy Halloween!! #spooky #busking #rocknroll #gtrain

8 at _worldcafelive RR Thanks _jerbearunderwater #philly #rubyraetheuncanny #Rubyraevoodooqueen

We did it!! We're making a record!!! Today we met the target for the pledegmusic campaign! About to



Pledge to support my new album! Get behind the scenes action and super cool stuff, like limited edit

Record release poster by Kardy

The brilliant poster for Monday's show! By Kardy

Uncanny show poster Rockwood (1)

by Katherine Hardy


This is when things stopped being polite by Troy Farmer

Johnny Cash Records


Playing Otto's Shrunken Head tonight, 9pm sharp!!

by Katherine Hardy

by Rose Callahan

So happy I had the chance to play the South Shore Arts Festival on this beautiful common! Thanks to



Ruby Rae Record Release party August 12th at Rockwood!! By Katherine Hardy xx

by Katherine Hardy


by Rose Callahan




Beach Band


by Rose Callahan

Having a great time in LA so far! Yesterday went to Still Yoga, played a set at Genghis Cohen and ca

by Katherine Hardy

Pappy & Harriet's by Sara B


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